Garden Design and Installation - if you are interested in eating more fresh, organically grown vegetables or having a secure, sustainable food source in your backyard or at your business we can help design a full landscape plan for your property, give you ideas on how to arrange and organize your garden beds or anything in-between.

Garden Consultation - we will share our knowledge to help make your existing garden more productive, set up a crop rotation system, manage pests and diseases using environmentally friendly "beyond organic" techniques, extend your harvest into the winter months, and answer any other questions you may have about growing food.

Garden Maintenance - regular and knowledgeable attention is vital to keep a vegetable garden at the peak of productivity and beauty throughout the year. We will work with you to design a maintenance program to help you manage your garden whether it is weekly, bi-monthly, or designed around your budget.  For those interested in learning to take care of your garden on your own, please join us during our maintenance visits.  We also offer assistance with soil building and spring or fall garden preparation.

Restaurant Gardens - many chefs and restaurant owners now realize the benefits of growing their own ingredients. Contact us to help you develop an efficient, cost effective system for growing and harvesting your own top quality vegetables and herbs. Gardens can be built on site in surrounding outdoor dining areas, adjacent to parking lots or on a rooftop.  We can also create off-site gardens in a location where there is more space.

Corporate Gardens - a truly innovative "green idea" which demonstrates a business' dedication to environmental stewardship and employee wellness.

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